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Experimental results showed that oral intake of Euglena suppressed the elevation of the blood sugar level in rats

Model rats were fed a diet containing an Euglena powder for 10 weeks following induction of diabetes, and then glucose was administered in a fasting state to monitor the level of blood sugar (sugar tolerance test). Consequently, the total blood sugar level within a given time(AUC) significantly declined. This result suggests a possibility that continuous intake of Euglena suppresses the elevation of the blood sugar level – a typical symptom of diabetes – and thus contributes to the prevention of diabetes and its complications or relieve the symptoms.

source:R Shimada et al. Food Funct., 2016, 7, 4655

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic adult diseases characterized by an abnormally high blood sugar (glucose) level. This condition is caused by the inability of the body to properly convert glucose into energy, owing to a decreased production of a hormone called insulin. A prolonged high blood sugar level can increase the risk of complications. Thus, persistent damage to glomerular capillaries of the kidney can lead to diabetic nephropathy, and damage to blood vessels in the retina may lead to diabetic retinopathy. Suppressing the increase in the blood sugar level is effective not only in preventing the development of new complications but also in slowing down the progression of complications that have already developed.

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