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Yaeyama Chlorella research reports

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Yaeyama Chlorella may facilitate the growth of skin cells and activate hyaluronan synthetase gene expression (results from in vitro cell culture experiments)

Either water or hot water extract of Yaeyama Chlorella was added to human skin fibroblasts. The results showed that the addition of water extract significantly facilitated the growth of fibroblasts while the effect of hot water extract was marginal. Additionally, water and hot water extracts of Yaeyama Chlorella were demonstrated to be equally effective in activating gene expression of hyaluronan synthetase HAS2 (Hyaluronan synthase 2).
What are fibroblasts?

Fibroblasts, which are present in the skin dermis, play a central role in producing extracellular matrix proteins and glycosaminoglycans such as collagen, elastin, and hyaluronan ; these matrix components are necessary for the maintenance of skin fitness and elasticity. Present in skin fibroblasts, HAS2 is a hyaluronan synthetase whose main role is to synthesize hyaluronan on the skin surface and in inner skin layers.

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