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What is Yaeyama Chlorella

Rich nature-grown Chlorella

Chlorella is a 3–8 μm (1 μm = 0.001 mm) microorganism with photosynthetic abilities like plants.
Its 500 million years-old ancestor has been evolutionarily converted to this day.
Yaeyama Chlorella, which was originally isolated from Ishigaki Island, is characterized by a high photosynthetic ability.

Chlorella is a small unicellular organism

Individual spherical particles with a diameter of 3–8 μm (1 μm = 0.001 mm) can be observed under a microscope, as shown in the photograph on the right.
These individuals are the real picture of tiny Chlorella.
They gather to become an “alga” that has many beneficial effects on human health.

Yaeyama Chlorella is originated from Ishigaki Island

Yaeyama Chlorella, which is grown autotrophically in an environment of clean water, clear air, and subtropical sunlight in Ishigaki Island, is rich in chlorophyll and carotenoids.  

Yaeyama Chlorella contains proteins and various nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.
The functional effects of Chlorella, such as its impact on immunity and improvement in lifestyle-related diseases and cognitive function, have been studied for a long time.

Yaeyama Chlorella research reports

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