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It is important to have a strong immune system to protect the body against diseases.
Paramylon, a carbohydrate present in Ishigaki Island Euglena,
has the potential to regulate a balance between cellular and humoral immunity,
which prevents the development of diseases caused by imbalances in the immune system.

The immune system:
warriors that protect our body

How does immunity protect us? Immunity is a mechanism that protects our bodies from foreign invaders such as bacteria, viruses or other pathogens. Without a well-functioning immune system, even the weakest of pathogens (that normally do not cause disease in healthy people) can cause diseases that are harmful to health.

When the immune system functions normally, the control tower cells recognize foreign invaders, such as bacteria and viruses, and issue a command to "work!" In response to this command, various immune cells cooperate to fight. The sniper-like cells are good at attacking with guns, the killer-like cells go to battle by themselves, and other cells analyze enemy information and support the fighter cells. These processes protect our body.

Effect of Paramylon,
a carbohydrate present in Ishigaki Island Euglena,
on the immune system

When paramylon reaches the intestine upon ingestion, it encounters immune cells present in the intestine. The shape of paramylon is very similar to that of bacteria. Therefore, it is recognized as a foreign substance by the immune system’s control tower, which sends a signal to the other immune cells to start preparing for a fight. Due to this primary immune reaction triggered by paramylon, the immune cells are prepared and can protect the body with ease when actual pathogens enter the body.

Experimental results have showed that consumption of paramylon alleviates the symptoms of influenza virus infection. Usually, mice infected with the influenza virus die from strong inflammation in the lungs. When mice that had been fed paramylon for 2 weeks were infected with influenza virus, their lungs showed a less severe infection, and their survival rate was higher.

Furthermore, when 10 men and women with anxiety about immunity ingested 1 g of paramylon powder for 8 weeks, the cytokines of cellular immune system (IFN-γ) increased in the lymphocytes present in blood, while those of the humoral immune system (IL-4) decreased. This suggests that paramylon adjusts the balance between cell-mediated and humoral immunity, thus preventing any diseases caused by the imbalance.