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Kalahari watermelon research reports

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Measurements of changes in filter weight provides evidence for the potent moisturizing effect of wild watermelon

Filters were immersed in water, glycerin, and wild watermelon juice, and their weights were measured after a certain wait time to calculate residual water content. The results showed that the residual water content of a filter that had been immersed in wild watermelon exceeded that of a filter immersed in glycerin, suggesting that the moisturizing effect of wild watermelon exceeds that of glycerin, a commonly used moisturizing component.

source:FRAGRANCE JOURNAL(2015.4)

What is moisture retention?

Maintaining adequate moisture content is critical for maintaining a healthy skin. The surface stratum corneum is responsible for preserving skin moisture. The skin membrane, the presence of natural moisturizing factors, and corneocyte intercellular lipids play important roles in preventing invasion of foreign substances and preventing water from evaporating through the skin. However, various internal factors including aging, and external factors such as ultraviolet rays and a dry environment, can disturb water balance in the skin. Accordingly, moisturizing factors that are effective in maintaining moisture content or preventing moisture loss would contribute to skin health.

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