euglena Healthcare Lab.

euglena Healthcare Lab.

euglena Healthcare Lab.

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Euglena Healthcare Lab is a website that transmits information about health functioning and latest research outcomes of Euglena and other materials.


Euglena is a small “savior” with a photosynthetic ability like a plant and a motor function like an animal.

The Japanese name of Euglena is “Midorimushi”. Euglena is a small organism of about 0.05 mm in length and thus cannot be clearly observed without a microscope. Euglena is a unique source of health food with characteristics of both plants and animals.

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Kalahari watermelon

Kalahari watermelon is a wild watermelon called a water jug in the desert. It is less perishable and can be stored for long periods after harvesting, owing to their outstanding shelf life.

The wild watermelon is originated from Kalahari desert and can adapt to drought and excess light conditions. This is thought to have acquired a mechanism to protect cells from severe environmental stresses in evolutionary process.

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Japanese-made Chlorella is grown in the natural environment on the Ishigaki Island, Okinawa.

Chlorella is a famous source of health food. It contains plenty of nutrients in small cells whose diameters range from 2 to 10 μm, which is about half the size of human red blood cells.

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New report


  1. 2018.03.29

    A website "Euglena Healthcare Lab" a health informational
    platform which you can become an expert
    about Euglena is released!

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